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Create onboarding paths

Re-invent onboarding in your organization in a set of steps! Add the date, subject and content. Set tasks, assign people responsible.

Plan and start onboarding

Based on the path, Woonity will create an individual journey and its time stamp for each of new hires. They don’t even need a Woonity account!

Check out how new hires grow

On-time e-mail notifications make onboarding smooth and free of delays. The result? The perfect employee experience!

What do we offer? Employee onboarding software features

Onboarding application and so much more!

Create your own paths

or adapt our awesome ready-to-use templates. The access goes with the platform.


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How does it work?

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Why did we create Woonity?

Effective onboarding program:

  • 70% higher productivity of new employees
  • 91% of employees stay longer in the company,
  • 62% of new hired achieves the goals planned for the first 12 months.

Check all 18 scientific reasons for having the best onboarding!

Onboardings with a WOW effect

Woonity is an HR onboarding software that turns a complicated HR process into an effortless and effective journey through the organization. For the entire team!

Easy for HR, easy for a manager, easy for every person involved in onboarding and... super engaging for a new hired.

Learn, why we created Woonity onboarding system.

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