How it works

Plan development, verify and draw conclusions.

You determine paths

Standardize your pathways for developing positions or people. Create action plans, checkpoints and next steps. Set goals and timelines.

Implement them.

Based on your pathways, generate an individual action plan for each person. We will make sure to engage the right people at the right time - according to your plan!

You monitor and draw conclusions

Track progress for each person, gathering knowledge of progress to date. Draw conclusions and adapt actions to the current situation.

You can design any people-centered activities such as recruitment, preboarding and onboarding of employees, onboarding a client or partner, 1:1, feedback collection, surveys, team meetings, knowledge transfer and training, development plans to offboarding.

Woonity is easy to use, but flexible - you can automate any people-related workflows based on your needs.

Cloud-based flexible human process management software

Tailor actions to your needs!

Gather data and draw conclusions.

Manage your team and gather all relevant data about people events in one place.

Based on the knowledge you know exactly what happened and can draw better conclusions.

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