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Save time while being sure everything runs smoothly.

Create an onboarding plan

Or use our suggestions! Set tasks and communication flow, assign people responsible for completing them.

Start your operation

Based on your plan Woonity will create and embed a customized scenario of events for each participant, which you can adapt to fit their needs.

Monitor onboarding progress

Email notifications facilitate the flow of information and allow you to respond to delays and problems. The result? A perfect employee experience!

You can design any people-centered activities such as recruitment, preboarding and onboarding of employees, onboarding a client or partner, 1:1, feedback collection, surveys, team meetings, knowledge transfer and training, development plans to offboarding.

Woonity is easy to use, but flexible - you can automate any people-related workflows based on your needs.

Onboarding facts in research papers

Why should you create good onboarding experience?

82% higher retention

It's not enough to only hire. New hires must also be kept in the organization. Effective introduction of a new employee means less resignation. (Source: Brandon Hall Group for Glassdoor, 2015)

70% better productivity

Effective onboarding in organizations means more than 70% higher productivity of new hires achieved in the first year of work. (Source: Brandon Hall Group for Glassdoor, 2015)

54% better engagement

More than half of the companies that have an implemented oboarding program emphasizes the stronger involvement of new members.(Source: Society For Human Resources Management)
Cloud-based flexible human process management software

Tailor actions to your needs!

Gather data and draw conclusions.

Manage your team and gather all relevant data about people events in one place.

Based on the knowledge you know exactly what happened and can draw better conclusions.

Why did we create Woonity?
I truly believe that onboarding is an art. Each new employee brings with them a potential to achieve and succeed. To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.

Sarah Wetzel - Director of Human Resources at engage:BDR

Employee orientation centers around and exists to help the individual employee, but it is the company that ultimately reaps the benefits of this practice.

Michael Watkins - author of “The First 90 days”

Easy adaptation of the new employee

Woonity is a people-centric system that turns complex onboarding activities into a fun and effective journey for the entire team through the organization.

Easy for the manager and easy for the entire team involved in onboarding and...super effective for the new person!

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