5 free templates for onboarding welcome email

Employee welcome message examples ready to implement and use in your organization.

34% of employees don't read HR emails*, but welcome emails are opened by as many as 91% of employees**!

In our previous post, you learned how to write a message welcome to the new employee. This is an extremely important part of onboarding, the company's business card and the first impression you build. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Check out our examples of a welcome email in employee onboarding:

  1. A welcome email in preboarding, after the hiring decision,
  2. Mail before the first day of work,
  3. Universal job welcome email template,
  4. Employee welcome email for remote job,
  5. Welcoming employee at work email to team.

Welcome message after employment decision - template

The first email that should be sent right after the terms of cooperation are established. It is the first contact with the company already at the employee status, not the candidate status.

Good Morning [Employee Name].

I am very excited to have you join our company already at [date of first day].

In order to introduce you to us in the best and most complete way, you will get some more messages from me before your first day of work. We'll get all the paperwork done and you'll get into our organization easily.

For now, I invite you to our blog and FanPage and to our YouTube channel - there you will get to know not only our story, but also many future colleagues. On one of them is Paul, who will be your Buddy!

Your HR Manager.

A welcome email for a new employee before their first day of work

[Employee Name]!

Tomorrow is your big day! We are very excited to have you join us already.

We start at [Hour] at [Address].

If you come by car, you can park in parking A under the building. We park bikes in the underground garage.

Upon entering the building, pick up a keycard in your name at the front desk. We will meet in the lobby and show you around the office. You will also meet people from your team. I'm attaching a short presentation of the whole team, because I know how difficult it is to suddenly remember the names of six new people - take a look at your free time, if you feel like it.

By 12:00 we'll deal with the formalities and our IT specialist will show you the system we work on. In the following days you will undergo appropriate training, so don't stress if something is unclear tomorrow. We have time.

You are welcome to join us for lunch at lunchtime - let me know if I should consider food restrictions.

After lunch, you will meet with your team leader who will give you the onboarding plan for the coming week.

If you have any questions, I am at email and phone.

Your HR manager

Universal welcome email template

This email can be sent automatically by the system. It contains no personalization elements and is gender neutral.


We are happy to have you with us! This is your first day and we want to make it special.

Your equipment and accesses are ready. You can find all the information you need in your employee profile in our HR system [link].

The schedule for the first day looks like this: 10:00 - Induction training in the Blue Room. 10 minutes earlier your Buddy will come for you, who will support and help you during the first month. On the way you will get to know all the nooks and crannies of our office building.

Around 12:00 we will have lunch. We will be joined by several people from your new team.

At 3:00 pm we have scheduled a meeting with the CEO. Sounds intimidating, but John is a very warm person and is already looking forward to meeting you.

We know the first day is a lot of stress, so after the meeting you can finish your work for the day!

And don't forget to pick up a small gift for your loved ones at the front desk when you leave. We want it to be a nice day for them too!

Your HR Manager
Contact details

Welcome mail for remote worker (remote work)

Does your organization work in home office mode? This requires ensuring that the first day goes smoothly in terms of technicalities as well. It's a good idea to include this in the email you send to employees before their first day.


In a few days [date] you will start working for our company. We are very excited about it and to make everything run smoothly, we need to set some details from the first day.

Equipment for work

In the attachment you will find a "Requisition" form. Mark there what you will need to work. Don't be shy - we have comfortable chairs, desks and as many monitors as you need. The equipment will be delivered to you by courier at least 2 days before you start work, so that you have time to comfortably install yourself at home.

Internet connection

We are constantly using instant messaging and video chatting. We need to make sure that your network can handle this load. You can do a link test here [link] also remember that the load is affected by how other household members use the internet while you are working. If your internet is not fast enough, don't worry - get a router or mobile internet.

On the first day we will meet at zoom [link] - punctually at 09:00 Sophia, your manager, will be waiting for you.

During the first week we have planned trainings on the IT systems we use in the company and on communication methods. You'll also get to know the whole team and we'll have at least one team-building meeting.

See you online.

Welcome email to coworkers - template

In addition to sending a message to the person who is joining the team, it is a good idea to send a message to all other employees as well:

  • Throughout the company, if the company is smaller (up to 50 people)
  • In a department or team if the company is large (In this case, you can post the information about the new person in the medium the company uses to communicate information to employees - intranet, newsletter, bulletin board.

In such a message write:

  • Who is the new employee (what experience does he/she have, why did he/she join the company),
  • What he/she will be doing first and foremost,
  • With whom he/she will work (this allows other employees to arrange the new person in the structure),
  • What kind of person he/she is - interests, passions and information that a new person wants to share. Such a "portrait" allows you to get to know the new person better, and at a large company, it also supports informal contacts between employees based on similar interests.

Hi everyone!

As of today we have Kathy in our team!

Kathy has come to us from our competitor XYZ company, where she worked for the last 3 years as a Junior Account Manager. She has taken the position of Account Manager and will be responsible for client relations in the north-eastern region of country.

Kathy works in Sophia's team, who is her direct supervisor.

After work Kathy enjoys going to rock concerts (her favorite band is the Rumjacks) and taking care of her two cats.

If you would like to tell Kathy something about yourself, arrange a lunch date or have any common interests you can email her at kathy@ourcompany.com - Kathy will also be answering emails from our clients at this address.

Welcome email for new employee at Woonity

You can use our templates directly in Woonity, when designing the step (email type) that will be directed to the person entering the path. The system itself will send the email at the right time. You don't even have to remember to do it!

If you want your welcome email to be more personalized and use the new employee's name, department name, or other information specific only to that person, enter the send welcome email step in Woonity to remind you at the appropriate time to send the email.

While email greeting templates are easy to use, it's best to build on best practices by creating your own message that matches the language and design of your company's communication style. If you want to know how to do it, refer to our post on how to write a welcome email at your new job.

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