Onboarding statistics & facts in research

18 onboarding statistics that will prove that effective introduction of a new hire is simply necessary!

Scientific research says onboarding is important because:

  1. 69% of employees are more likely to stay in the company for the next three years if they have experienced good onboarding (Society For Human Resources Management) 1,
  2. 91% of employees stay longer in the company if in the initial period of their employment the adaptation of employees was carried out (Aberdeen Group) 2,
  3. Onboarding brings 62% higher productivity for all employees (Harvard Business Review)3,
  4. And 70% higher productivity of new employees (LMS Talent)4,
  5. Manager satisfaction is increased by 20% when their employees have standard onboarding training (Urban Bound)5.
  6. In companies with effective onboarding, 33% more employees are engaged than in companies without such a process6,
  7. Reliably introduced to the company, employees feel better - 92% of them feel productive and important to the organization in the first month of their work (Clear Company)7,
  8. Among the newly hired employees who went through formal onboarding, 62% achieved the goals planned for the first 12 months. Among those who did not have onboarding, only 17% of employees achieved their goals8,

The statistics say companies don't know how to onboard properly:

  1. Less than 1/3 of executives are satisfied with their organization’s onboarding process. 32% deem it below average or poor. (HBR)9,
  2. 55% of companies do not measure the effectiveness of their onboarding programs (Kronos and the Human Capital Institute)10,
  3. 39% of HR specialists emphasize that they do not have any tools and technologies that would help them to organize and automate onboarding processes (Kronos and the Human Capital Institute)11,
  4. 30% of companies implement onboarding only in passive form - that is, they focus only on procedures (SHRM org)12,
  5. Only 37% of companies create onboarding programs that last more than a month (TechJury)13,
  6. And only 39% of companies introduce an employee to the organizational culture as part of onboarding (TalentLMS) 14,
  7. After a bad initial onboarding experience, 20% of new hires are unlikely to recommend the employer to a friend15,

Lack of plans and procedures for introducing employees leads to:

  1. 20% of employees leave within the first 45 days (Human Capital Institute)16,
  2. And 25% of all new workers leave within one year (Allied Workforce Mobility Survey)17,
  3. The low productivity of new employees costs companies 1-2.5% of their annual profits (Mellon Financial Corp.)18,

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