Planning and Digitalizing Activities

Create plans

You can create any action plan for your employees that will help you automate and oversee the process.

Prepared templates and best practice suggestions

In the app, you'll find ready-made templates for various actions to support your people, designed based on the latest knowledge and best practices.

You'll find, for example, good onboarding plans that help you create an effective plan for introducing a new person to your organization. You can adapt them to your needs - use in a ready-made form or modify.

Different types of processes

Don't limit yourself!

Woonity will help you to design preboarding, offboarding, reboarding and crossboarding. Schedule recurring meetings between managers and subordinates, determine the individual elements of all recurring processes in your company.

Benefit from flexibility

You can have multiple plans and map your way of doing things.

You can, for example, prepare a separate plan for general onboarding - for all employees and separate plans for position implementation. You can start activities based on the plan at different times or run them simultaneously.

Any number of plans

Create as many as you need. No limits, no constraints.

Use plans for different purposes: onboarding, offboarding, knowledge transfer, 1:1 meetings.

Store all information about the entire process

No more dozens of documents and organizational chaos.

A whole course of action in one tool allows:

  • Store information about the history of the run and draw conclusions,
  • Standardize activities, which will give you confidence that all important elements have been completed,
  • Know who is responsible for each activity and task,
  • Not worry about forgetting something.

People Management

Personnel profiles

Facilitate the gathering of knowledge about individuals in an organization.

In the profile, you can include contact information, important dates, and additional information related to their roles.

Functional Supervisors

Persons responsible for executing the plan at each stage.

The supervisor of each plan receives notifications regarding individual steps and any delays. He can reg for any unusual situations in time. This allows you to maintain full control over the smooth flow of activities and ensures that no step is forgotten or skipped.

You can specify as many supervisors as you want. You can also choose not to pick one.

History of actions

After time we will collect in personal profiles data concerning all activities. This will allow you to know the exact history of actions regarding that person.


Notifications of upcoming and completed steps

You don't have to remember your next tasks, because the system does it for you.

Delay reminders

You can respond in a timely manner.

Woonity makes sure that activities run smoothly and on time. Any delay is reported so you can react quickly enough.

Change in plans? Other participant needs? No problem - the person responsible for the step has the ability to edit the date and content of the step.

Progress View

Always know what stage of execution your people are at.

All you have to do is log into the system and check the statuses. The system presents an accurate list of all completed, delayed, skipped and future steps. You get complete information about the entire process.

We collect data on the progress of steps so you can draw conclusions

Access to historical data allows you:

  • Improve plans based on data,
  • Easily examine the effectiveness of all activities,
  • Track the development of people in the organization,
  • Check whether those responsible for implementing the steps have performed their duties reliably,

Flexible activity steps

Any number of steps in a plan

Create as elaborate plans as you need.

Project your processes over time, include every detail. Divide your activities into any number of steps.

Various types of steps

  • Task - attach an instruction, checklist or other content
  • Email - send a message to designated people

Schedule steps over time

Design the number of days between steps.

Woonity allows you to create plans in which each step is embedded in time. When you use a plan for a person, the system creates an individual action plan for that person with specific dates for each step.

Any number of steps in each day

You can schedule each task as a separate step, even if several of them take place in one day.

Thanks to this, you can see what each person's task load is, and you can better control the amount of knowledge and events delivered so that you don't overload.

Extensive editing capabilities

Every step can be described and supplemented with information.

Include photos, tutorial videos, descriptions, links. Build engaging content for each step and let those responsible know exactly what their tasks are.

A precise, carefully crafted message means faster learning!

Organization management

Quick access

People assigned to a step can update task information without signing into the system. From within the email, they can go to edit the step to which the email was related.

Custom logo

Personalize the application for your organization.

Two language versions

Each user can choose which language version suits them better.

Woonity offers two language versions - Polish and English.

Selfie photo in employee profile

Add photos of people. Let a new person feel like a member of your organization right away.

Any number of people plan PRO

You can add all people to your organization to manage the whole or just the people you want to participate in activities.

Any number of organizations plan PRO

One user account can support multiple organizations.

Are you working or managing processes in several organizations or a company with a complex structure? No problem! You can create several organizations within one account and use the developed solutions in several places.

This solution is most often used by HR Business Partners and HR Consultants, recruitment agencies, capital groups and holding companies.

User and Permissions Management plan PRO

Invite others into your organization. Allow them to view and edit data.

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