Why did we create Woonity?

We believe that people matter most so we created Woonity to empower people.


Did you know that changing job is more stressful for an employee than taking a mortgage or being a victim of robbery? And almost as difficult as pregnancy? 1

We know...

Many times we were employees introduced to companies. Later on, we were managers ourselves, who were responsible for making sure that the new employee felt awesome in the team from day one.

It didn't always work out...

From time to time it happened that we have been discouraged by the company where we started working. Each of us also happened to lose a great employee due to the fact that their introduction to work was chaotic and poorly organized.

We felt a failure and it was a real loss (the estimated cost of recruitment + first month of onboarding is 30-200% of an employee's annual salary).

This is why we do Woonity.

Woonity - HR system

Woonity is software that supports people in organizations.

Software in the form of an application, the task of which is to set up onboarding paths, after which new people will easily reach their destination. Thanks to Woonity, people enter your team easily and without stress quickly starting their journey through the organization. Without the burden of bad experiences, but with a lot of knowledge, better engagement and a positive attitude.

We trust in good onboarding statistics. We want the preparation of a new person's introduction to be easy also for the tutor of the whole process, so we give ready-made ideas based on best practices that you can use.

Do you want to find out?

We invite you to start your journey with Woonity!

Because people matter most Woonity

  1. The Stress Scale of Holmes and Rahe. Stressor: change of job - 39 points, pregnancy - 40 points, mortgage - 31 points, robbery - 30 points.

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