November Product Update

We understand how challenging is to coordinate (sometimes) fully remotely work these days. That's why we had a very busy November providing you with new options in the system as soon as possible to help you better plan and achieve your onboarding and other process goals.


Check out the new features in Woonity:

New types of steps: email and to-do

The to-do step allows delegating tasks to different people from the organization. We will make sure that they will get a reminder at the right time.

The e-mail step allows you to automatically email a designated person or group of people. You can indicate both a person from the organization and/or the person who will start the journey on this path in the future. This is a great opportunity - you can make a welcome message or set up a series of training messages that will reach someone at a time you have planned.

Path starts at any date

Woonity is not anymore only onboarding system. An option to choose the start day of each path manually allows you to coordinate any other people-centred process: pre-boarding, crossboarding, reboarding, offboarding, training or even cyclic 1:1 meetings.

Copy paths

Copy paths by one click, so you can easily create more paths without redundant work. With this feature, you will be able to design more customized plans for a specific team with a minimum work.

We have also made some changes in existing functionality:

Assign steps to "person on path"

From now on, the steps you choose can also be assigned to people who will start the path in the future. Any person, who start the journey in the future will automatically receive tasks or messages at the scheduled time.

Access to the system without login

People affected by certain steps can update information about the task without login the system. They do so via email. Process monitoring has never been so easy!

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