A new way to manage organization's users

Welcome 2021! We're giving you new ways to manage your users in Woonity


The end of the year period is often a family time and we hope that you have spent it in the best way possible. We spent the end of this memorable year to provide you with options to better manage your organization's users in Woonity.

User and access management

There is a new option in the main menu of the application: "Users ". It is available within the organization only for logged in users and only those who have administrative rights in the selected organization.

Thanks to it we have the possibility to:

  • invite new users to your organization
  • manage permissions of current users
  • view the access of users with temporary access

Users with temporary access

In Woonity, you don't need to add all members of your organization as system users. You can add people to your organization without creating user accounts. If you assign someone a task, for example, and don't add them as a system user, we will generate temporary access for them limited to that task only.

This allows you to streamline processes in your organization without having to add all process participants as system users.

System users and different levels of access

However, if you want someone to be able to log into the system and manage the organization together with you then you can invite him to create an account. In the invitation you can assign him the following access levels:

  • Administrator - has access to manage users and can make changes to all organization data,
  • Editor - can edit basic data in the organization such as paths, people and journeys.
  • Guest - can view basic data in the organization but cannot change it.

Try new functionalities.

If you think we should add the functionality you are currently missing the most, please do write to us!

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